We were very confusing while we have to go to change our petrol car into Cng. Now I am telling you how to select best cng kit for your car.

When you are planning to change your car into cng never go to select lower price kit. A Cng kit consist of followning parts named as follow:

  1. Reducer
  2. Injector
  3. ECU or ACM
  4. Map Sensor
  5. Temperature Sensor
  6. Wiring Harness
  7. High Pressure Pipes
  8. Low Pressure Pipes

When you go for high quality products obviously you have to pay high price. Some local companies are selling their products in lower price. these companies compromise with quality of wiring harness and ECU Quality.

You should choose the products of following companies:

  1. Mijo
  2. MSequent
  3. Lovato
  4. BRC
  5. Tomessito

The products of these companies is highly standards products. You should only go for these products.

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