The price of CNG kit depends upon CNG Kit Brand, CNG Cylinders. Now these days price of cng kit kit mainly depends upon CNG Cylinder. After Covid, Cng cylinders prices has increase rapidly. Now the price of cng cylinders is about Rs 24000.00.

Lets come on topic, Total costs of Installation of CNG Kit in Patna.

Price of CNG kit price in patna given as follow:

  1. Mijo Premium Kit- Rs 50000/-
  2. Mijo Sequential Kit – Rs 45000/-
  3. Lovato Sequential Kit- 50000/-
  4. tomasetto – 50000/-
  5. Motozen Sequential Kit- 45000/-
  6. E-Green Sequential Kit- 35000/-
  7. Blugas Sequential Kit price- 35000/-

Note: All the price given above with new cylinders. Be aware of fitment centres which is fitting old cylinders.

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