Generally customers who want to change their petrol cars into CNG are very confused in selection of CNG Kits and 32-Pin ECU and 48-Pin ECU. In this post, I am trying to share all the fact about 32-Pin and 48-Pin ECU. On the basis of fact you can decide which CNG Software is best for your car.

Comparison of 32 Pin and 48 Pin :

32-Pin CNG ECU / 32-Pin CNG Software48-Pin CNG ECU / 48-Pin CNG Software
32 Pin ECU is very first ECU which was made by AEB ITALLY.48 Pin ECU is the advance version of 32 Pin ECU.
In 32 Pin ECU there is no wire of pulse. Due to this reason this create problems in some vehicles.48 Pin ECU has an extra wire for pulse. This pulse wire makes performance better in some vehicles
Price of 32 Pin ECU is budget friendlyPrice of Original 48 is very high.
Due to lower price, most of CNG companies supplies with this ECU. Due to Higher price CNG Manufactures don’t prefer to supply this ECU. Instead of this ECU Companies prefer to Supply chinese ECU.
Comparision Chart

I have tried to put all the fact about 32 Pin and 48 Pin ECU. You can select easily for your car.

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